Absolute Best Time to Visit Bentonville, AR

Tucked away in Northwest Arkansas and surrounded by the awe-inspiring Ozark Mountains, Bentonville is waiting to host you year round.

Depending on the time of year, you can be frolicking through a colorful blanket of flowers, soaking up the sun as you zip along mountain bike trails, sipping a pumpkin spice latte as you marvel at the fall colors, or admiring the snowfall from a one-of-a-kind museum window. With each season transforming Bentonville into a new kind of wonderland, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming city – you just have to know what time of year is best for you!

Let’s take a look at the best things to do in Bentonville by the season.

Bentonville in Spring

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While the chance of precipitation is highest during the spring season, the probability of getting caught in a thunderstorm is a lot less than in most other places. With ideal temperatures ranging from an average high of 60 to 80°F and low temperatures that rarely get below 30°F, spring is the perfect time to visit if you want to spend your days outside.

What to Do

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Considered to be the mountain biking mecca of the country, a spring visit to Bentonville is the perfect option for people looking for a heart-pounding adventure. Head to Slaughter Pen Trails if you mean business, opt for the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve if you want to pair difficulty with natural scenery, or hang back at Blowing Springs Park for a relaxed ride filled with picturesque bridges and tranquil waterfalls.

Not interested in biking? Bentonville also has plenty of miles of hiking trails at Hobbs State Park.

And if you happen to catch some spring showers? There are plenty of exciting indoor activities like a family day at the Amazuem or an ieye opening afternoon at the Walmart Museum – Bentonville is the birthplace of the shopping giant!

Spring Events

There seems to be an event nearly every month in Bentonville! Check out seasonal events to take your already spectacular trip to the next level!


One of the liveliest events in Bentonville, Momentous is an event for lovers of electric dance music. This late-night attraction features a variety of famous artists and music that will have you dancing until you drop – much like the beat!


Another music event, FreshGrass offers a different experience with two days of relaxing roots music. This all ages festival is great for enjoying upcoming artists, delicious food, and homegrown retail vendors!

Bentonville Bike Fest

  • When: May
  • Website: bentonvillebikefest.com

With so many places in Bentonville revolving around mountain biking, it only makes sense that they have an event to celebrate! Come to ride or cheer on your favorite bikers as they partake in a variety of exhilarating races. Live music, food, and art vendors are also in attendance!

Summer in Bentonville

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The Bentonville Weather is one of the many things that this adorable city has going for it, and the summer season is no exception! The hottest month is July, with an average high temperature of 90°F, but most days sit perfectly between 70 and 80°F.

This makes for perfect weather to get out on the trails, whether on your bike or on foot, or spend your days mountain biking and hiking amongst Bentonville’s many parks.

What to Do

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Spend some time under the canopies of local businesses as you window shop along Bentonville’s charming downtown strip, or opt for a tree canopy with a stroll through the lush and colorful Compton Gardens and Arboretum.

Whatever you do, make sure to stop by the Bentonville Farmers Market to grab some fresh produce for dinner. You didn’t pick the most charming vacation rental in Bentonville, not to spend some time at home basking in all of its adorable glory!

Summer Events

Even when Bentonville isn’t sporting major events like the ones listed below, the city also invites visitors to enjoy the many small summer events so be sure to check out the Bentonville Event Calendar.

Bentonville Film Festival

  • When: June
  • Website: bentonvillefilm.org

With more than 75 unique films over the course of a week, the Bentonville Film Festival has been a major hit with locals and visitors alike for years!

Arkansas Anime Fest

  • When: June
  • Website: arkansasanimefestival.com

The longest-running festival in Arkansas, this is a special event for a special kind of hobby! If Cosplay, gaming, and being with your fellow anime fandom sounds like heaven, then this event is for you.

Fall in Bentonville

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Say goodbye to the summer heat and hello to the fall colors! Fall is one of the best times to visit Bentonville for a variety of reasons, so the perfect weather is just icing on the cake. With an average temperature of between 65 and 75°F and nighttime lows rarely falling below 40°F, the world is your oyster!

What to Do

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Spend time enjoying recreational activities like mountain biking and hiking during the warmest parts of the day, and then head to a cozy coffee shop or enjoy a leaf-peeping scenic drive when the cold air has you throwing on your cutest fall flannel. Then muster up the courage to check out one of Bentonville’s spookiest activities with a visit to the Nightmares Haunted House.

Not the jump scare type? Enjoy other fall activities like a visit to the McGarrah Farms pumpkin patch!

Fall Events

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When you aren’t out enjoying the daily fall activities, you can be participating in one of Bentonville’s big fall events!

NWA Bike-a-Palooza

  • When: September
  • Website: facebook.com/Bikepalooza

Calling all bike riders! The Bike Clubs of Northwest Arkansas will host a ride by cyclists, for cyclists, to raise funds for NWA Charity.

Bentonville Spooktacular

  • When: October
  • Website: arkansas.com/bentonville/events/october-bentonville-first-friday-spooktacular

Welcome the Halloween season with live music, food vendors, local artists, and more. This free event community event takes place in Downtown Bentonville annually.

Winter in Bentonville

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Visiting Bentonville during the coldest time of the year might not seem like a great idea at first glance, but with fewer crowds and frequent but light snowfall, this charming city turns into a winter wonderland! In fact, the average low is about 30°F, and the average high is about 45°F, so you will need a winter coat, but you won’t be freezing.

What to Do

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Walk around the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and watch as snow falls through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Check out the art scene and warm up with a tasty beverage at The Momentary.

Visit one of the countless museums like the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art or the famed Walmart Museum. Bundle up and skate around the Rink at Lawrence Plaza – the inside and outside opportunities are endless!

Winter Events

Photo Credit: Alfredo Carrillo via Flickr CC 2.0

As if the winter season wasn’t magical enough, these holiday events really seal the deal!

Lighting of the Square

Be there the moment that Bentonville turns on the lights and the holiday spirit! This typically takes place in late November, when the lights go up at 6 pm on the first night.

Christmas at Peel Museum

  • When: December
  • Website: peelcompton.org/events/christmas-at-peel

Add to the holiday magic with a visit to the historic Peel Museum & Botanical Garden. The museum hosts a multi course meal during the celebrations, with a silent auction in early December every year.

Bentonville is the Perfect Year-round Destination

With something to enjoy during every season, there is never a bad time to visit Bentonville! With plenty to do and tons of adorable nearby towns like Springdale, Rogers, and Fayetteville, each visit back will feel like a brand-new adventure.

All you have to do now is decide which cozy vacation rental will be your go-to for your new favorite destination!

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Have some non-bikers in your group? You’ll have no trouble convincing them that Bentonville is worth the trip. With plenty of exciting things to do and some of the most adorable vacation rentals you’ll ever step foot into, from modernized milk barn turned retreat to luxe townhomes, you’ll have the perfect home away from home when you visit this charming, historic gem.

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