The 8 Best Bentonville Attractions for First-Time Visitors

Quick Guide to Bentonville’s Must-Visit Attractions for First-Time Visitors:

  1. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – A cultural gem combining art, architecture, and nature.
  2. The Momentary – A contemporary art space for visual, performing, and culinary arts.
  3. Museum of Native American History – A journey through the rich history of America’s indigenous peoples.
  4. Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square – Heart of the city with shops, restaurants, and vibrant street art.
  5. Coler Mountain Bike Preserve – A haven for cyclists with trails of all levels.
  6. Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden – Historic beauty showcasing an Italianate villa and exquisite gardens.
  7. The Walmart Museum and Heritage Lab – Dive into the story of Walmart and its founder, Sam Walton.
  8. Outdoor Adventures and Parks – Explore the natural beauty of Osage Park, Thaden Field, and more.

Welcome to Bentonville, a town where art, history, and outdoor adventures blend seamlessly to create a unique visitor experience. Whether you’re an avid art enthusiast, a history buff, or an outdoor activities lover, Bentonville has something exciting to offer. This guide is your key to uncover the eight best attractions for first-time visitors, ensuring you get a taste of everything this vibrant town has to offer.

From the internationally acclaimed Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to the thrilling trails at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, and the charming streets of Downtown Bentonville, you’re in for an unforgettable trip. Dive into the rich history and contribution of the Walmart legacy at The Walmart Museum, or find tranquility among the stunning landscapes of Osage Park.

Bentonville might be known as the birthplace of Walmart, but it’s much more than just that. This town has transformed itself into a cultural hub, with a thriving art scene, fascinating museums, and a burgeoning culinary landscape. It’s a place where the past and the present amalgamate to offer something truly special for everyone.

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Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a shining gem in Bentonville, Arkansas. It’s a must-see for anyone looking for Bentonville places to visit. The museum is a unique blend of art, nature, and stunning architecture, making it more than just an art museum—it’s an experience.

Art: Crystal Bridges houses an impressive collection of American art, from the colonial era to the contemporary. The museum offers free admission to its permanent collection, ensuring that everyone has access to works by iconic artists such as Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol.

Nature: The museum is nestled in 120 acres of Ozark landscape, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. The outdoor trails and the surrounding landscape are as much a part of the experience as the art itself.

Architecture: Designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the museum’s structure is a masterpiece. Its design complements the natural surroundings, with bridges and pavilions that seem to float on the museum’s ponds, creating a harmonious blend of built and natural environments.

Frank Lloyd-Wright House: One of the museum’s highlights is the Bachman-Wilson House, designed by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Relocated from New Jersey to preserve it, the house is a prime example of Wright’s philosophy of creating structures in harmony with the environment.

Trails: For those who love to explore, Crystal Bridges offers several trails that wind through the museum’s property. These trails not only provide breathtaking views but also feature outdoor sculptures, making your walk an artistic journey.

Moshe Safdie: The architect behind Crystal Bridges, Moshe Safdie, is known for his innovative approach to design. The museum is a testament to his vision of integrating architecture into the natural landscape, creating spaces that inspire and awe.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a place where art, nature, and architecture come together to offer a unique and enriching experience. Whether you’re an art aficionado, a nature lover, or someone who appreciates great architecture, Crystal Bridges has something for you. It’s a cornerstone of Bentonville’s cultural landscape and a compelling reason why Bentonville, Arkansas, is worth visiting.

Read more about the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and plan your visit to one of the most captivating Bentonville places to visit.

In the next section, we’ll explore The Momentary, Bentonville’s contemporary art space that continues the city’s commitment to the arts, performance, and culinary experiences.

The Momentary

When you’re exploring Bentonville places to visit, The Momentary stands out as a beacon of contemporary art and culture. This vibrant space is not just about viewing art; it’s about experiencing it in all forms, including performance and culinary arts.

Contemporary Art
At its core, The Momentary focuses on contemporary art. It’s a place where the art of today is celebrated and explored through exhibitions that are constantly changing. This means every visit can offer something new and exciting. The art here challenges perceptions and invites visitors to think deeply about the world around them.

Beyond the visual, The Momentary is a stage for live performances. From music to theater, this space brings artists and audiences together in a dynamic environment. The performances are as varied as the art, with something to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Culinary Arts
Food is an art form at The Momentary. With an emphasis on culinary arts, the venue offers unique dining experiences that complement the creative atmosphere. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab or enjoying a meal at one of the on-site eateries, the flavors are as innovative as the art on the walls.

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Onyx Coffee Lab
Speaking of Onyx Coffee Lab, this renowned coffee spot within The Momentary is a must-visit. Known for its high-quality beans and expert baristas, Onyx offers a coffee experience that is both delicious and educational. It’s the perfect spot to refuel and reflect on the art you’ve experienced.

Outdoor Art
Don’t forget to explore the outdoor art installations. The Momentary’s surroundings are dotted with sculptures and installations that make the entire space an immersive art experience. These outdoor pieces often interact with the environment, changing with the seasons and offering a new perspective on the art.

In short, The Momentary is a place where art is alive and ever-changing. It’s a hub for creativity that goes beyond traditional museum walls, making it one of the top Bentonville places to visit for anyone interested in contemporary culture. Whether you’re there for the art, the performances, or the food, The Momentary offers a unique and enriching experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Read more about the culinary delights and outdoor adventures that make Bentonville a must-visit destination.

Museum of Native American History

When exploring Bentonville places to visit, the Museum of Native American History stands out as a key destination for those interested in the rich history and culture of America’s first peoples. This museum offers an immersive journey through time, from the Paleo era to the 19th century, showcasing the lives and achievements of Native American tribes through an impressive collection of artifacts.

Artifacts: The museum is home to over 10,000 artifacts, including tools, clothing, pottery, and the remarkable Sweetwater Biface, known as the thinnest flint artifact ever found. Each piece tells a story, offering a tangible connection to the past.

History: The exhibits cover 14,000 years of history, providing a comprehensive overview of Native American cultures and their evolution over time. The museum’s collection highlights the diversity and ingenuity of these communities, from their survival strategies to their artistic expressions.

Self-guided Tours: Visitors can explore the museum at their own pace, thanks to self-guided tours. This allows for a personal and reflective experience, as you can spend as much time as you wish with the exhibits that most interest you.

Mammoth: Among the museum’s highlights is a complete mammoth skeleton, a majestic testament to the animals that once roamed North America alongside human inhabitants. This exhibit not only captivates visitors but also provides insight into the environment and challenges faced by early Native Americans.

Tribes: The museum pays homage to the Osage, Quapaw, Caddo, and Cherokee tribes, among others, who called the region home. Through its exhibits, the museum honors their legacy, ensuring that the history and contributions of these tribes are remembered and respected.

In short, the Museum of Native American History is a must-visit for anyone interested in understanding the deep and rich history of Native Americans. Its artifacts, history, and self-guided tours offer an invaluable insight into the lives of the first Americans, making it one of the top Bentonville places to visit for those seeking to connect with America’s past.

Continuing on the theme of exploration and discovery, let’s delve into the heart of Bentonville’s community and culture in the next section, focusing on Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square.

Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square

When you’re looking for Bentonville places to visit, Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square should be at the top of your list. This area is the beating heart of the city, where history, culture, and modern life blend seamlessly. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this area so special.

Local Shops

Downtown Bentonville is a treasure trove of unique local shops. From boutique clothing stores to artisanal craft shops, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. Each shop offers a glimpse into the creativity and entrepreneurship that thrive in this community.


Foodies, rejoice! Bentonville’s culinary scene is vibrant and diverse, with restaurants to suit every taste and budget. One standout is The Preacher’s Son, set in a beautifully renovated church. Here, you can enjoy a seasonal menu that showcases the best of local produce. The ambiance is as delightful as the food, making it a must-visit.

21C Museum Hotel

Not just a place to stay, the 21C Museum Hotel is an experience in itself. This boutique hotel doubles as a contemporary art museum, featuring rotating exhibitions and permanent installations. Even if you’re not checking in, it’s worth a visit to explore the art-filled spaces and perhaps enjoy a drink at the bar.

Public Art

As you wander through Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square, keep your eyes peeled for stunning public art installations. Murals, sculptures, and interactive pieces add pops of color and intrigue to the streetscape. These works not only beautify the area but also spark conversations and inspire visitors.

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In summary, Downtown Bentonville and Bentonville Square offer a rich tapestry of experiences for first-time visitors. From shopping at local boutiques and dining at exquisite restaurants to exploring art in unexpected places, there’s something for everyone. This area embodies the spirit of Bentonville, making it an essential stop on your journey.

Let’s gear up for some outdoor adventure and explore the lush parks and thrilling activities that Bentonville has to offer in the next section.

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Cycling, Trails, Nature, Airship Coffee, The Hub

For those who love the outdoors and are looking for bentonville places to visit, the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve is a must. This isn’t just any park; it’s a paradise for cyclists and nature lovers alike. Let’s dive into what makes this place so special.

Cycling: With over 17 miles of trails, Coler offers something for every level of cyclist. Whether you’re into flow trails, cross-country, or challenging rock terrains, this preserve has it all. The trails are well-maintained and marked, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

Trails: The trails at Coler are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. This means you’ll be cycling through beautiful forests, across streams, and around natural rock formations. It’s an immersive experience that connects you with the beauty of the Ozarks.

Nature: Coler isn’t just for cyclists. The preserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a great spot for nature walks and bird watching. The preservation efforts here ensure that the natural habitat remains undisturbed and thriving.

Airship Coffee: In the heart of the preserve, you’ll find Airship Coffee, an open-air café that’s accessible only by foot or bike. It’s the perfect spot to grab a cup of coffee, relax, and soak in the surroundings. The café adds a unique touch to the preserve, making it a favorite among visitors.

The Hub: Perhaps the most thrilling aspect of Coler is The Hub. This 20-foot-tall steel and wood structure is the launching point for three downhill runs. It’s a favorite among serious mountain bikers looking for an adrenaline rush. The Hub exemplifies the adventurous spirit of Coler and is a testament to the creative design of the trails.

In summary, the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve offers a blend of adventure, natural beauty, and unique amenities like Airship Coffee. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just someone looking to enjoy the outdoors, Coler provides an unparalleled experience. It’s one of the top bentonville places to visit for anyone seeking an active and immersive encounter with nature.

As we continue to explore Bentonville, let’s turn our attention to the history and beauty of the Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden in the next section.

Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden

Stepping into the Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden is like walking through a doorway into the past. This place isn’t just a site; it’s a story—one of history, beauty, and preservation. It’s a must-see on your list of bentonville places to visit.

History: Built in 1875, this Italianate villa was the home of Colonel Samuel West Peel, a prominent figure in Bentonville’s history. The mansion has seen the evolution of Bentonville from a small town to the vibrant city it is today.

Italianate Villa: The architectural style of the Peel Mansion is striking. With its tall windows, wide eaves, and ornate detailing, it’s a prime example of the Italianate style that was popular in the latter half of the 19th century. Walking through its rooms, you’re transported to a time of elegance and grandeur.

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Guided Tours: To truly appreciate the history and architecture of the Peel Mansion, take a guided tour. Knowledgeable guides share stories and insights that bring the mansion to life. You’ll learn about the Peel family, their daily life, and how the mansion has been preserved through the years.

Ornate Gardens: Surrounding the mansion, the botanical gardens are a tranquil retreat. With seven distinct gardens, each offers a different experience. From the vibrant colors of the seasonal blooms to the serene beauty of the native plant garden, it’s a place of discovery and relaxation.

Native Plants: The gardens also play an important role in conservation, showcasing native Arkansas plants. These gardens help visitors understand the importance of native plants to the local ecosystem and offer inspiration for their own gardens.

The Peel Mansion and Botanical Garden is more than just a historic site. It’s a place where history, architecture, and nature come together. Whether you’re a history buff, a gardening enthusiast, or just looking for a peaceful place to explore, this is one of the bentonville places to visit that offers something for everyone.

Let’s discover the rich history and cultural significance of another Bentonville gem, The Walmart Museum and Heritage Lab, in the next section.

The Walmart Museum and Heritage Lab

When exploring bentonville places to visit, The Walmart Museum and Heritage Lab stands out as a must-see for understanding the local culture and the global impact of a hometown business. This museum dives deep into the history of Walmart, showcasing how Sam Walton’s vision transformed from a single dime store into a worldwide retail leader.

Walmart History
The journey begins with Sam Walton’s first store, opened in 1945. Visitors learn through exhibits that detail the humble beginnings, challenges, and innovative strategies that fueled Walmart’s growth. It’s a story of perseverance, vision, and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction that has made Walmart a household name.

Sam Walton
Sam Walton’s personal office, preserved exactly as he left it, offers a glimpse into the mind of the man behind the empire. Quotes and personal artifacts scattered throughout the museum provide insight into Walton’s values, work ethic, and the principles that guided his business decisions.

Spark Café Soda Fountain
A visit to the Walmart Museum isn’t complete without stopping by the Spark Café Soda Fountain. This retro-inspired café transports visitors back in time, offering a taste of the simple pleasures that marked the era of Walton’s first store. It’s a perfect spot to pause and reflect on the journey you’ve just experienced.

The museum is home to a variety of exhibits that captivate visitors. From a complete timeline of Walmart’s history to interactive displays that engage families and individuals alike, there’s something for everyone. Noteworthy is the Heritage Lab, a temporary space offering new technologies and storytelling methods about Walmart’s story while the main museum undergoes renovation.

The Walmart Museum and Heritage Lab is not just a history lesson; it’s an inspiration. It showcases the impact of innovation, leadership, and the importance of community—a narrative that resonates with visitors from all walks of life. Whether you’re a business enthusiast, history buff, or simply curious, this museum offers a unique insight into a company that has shaped not only Bentonville but also the world.

As we continue our exploration of Bentonville, let’s venture into the great outdoors and discover the city’s natural beauty and adventure opportunities in the next section on Outdoor Adventures and Parks.

Read more about Bentonville’s attractions and plan your visit to experience the rich history and vibrant culture of this unique town.

Outdoor Adventures and Parks

Bentonville’s charm isn’t just found in its museums and downtown area. The city is also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Let’s dive into some of the best bentonville places to visit for those looking to explore the great outdoors.

Osage Park
Nestled a short distance from downtown Bentonville, Osage Park is an urban oasis that boasts a 12-acre wetland ecosystem. It’s a place where visitors can wander through wetland boardwalks, getting up close with nature. But it’s not all slow-paced; the park also offers facilities for archery and pickleball, making it a perfect spot for active adventurers and families looking to spend quality time outdoors.

Thaden Field
Thaden Field, or Bentonville Municipal Airport, offers a unique blend of aviation and outdoor adventure. Here, you can charter backcountry flights for a bird’s-eye view of the scenic Ozarks or even take the first step towards earning your pilot’s license. The on-site restaurant and exhibition hangar add a touch of culture and history to your visit.

Eureka Springs
About an hour’s drive from Bentonville, Eureka Springs is a must-visit for those willing to venture a bit further. This quirky town is not only known for its historic downtown and eclectic boutiques but also for its surrounding natural beauty. Explore caves and caverns, or simply enjoy the unique architecture that makes Eureka Springs a memorable addition to any Bentonville trip.

Urban Parks
Bentonville takes pride in its urban parks, which serve as green lungs amidst the city’s cultural landscape. These parks are not only spots for relaxation but also hubs for community activities, offering everything from open spaces for picnics to playgrounds for kids. They reflect Bentonville’s commitment to maintaining a balance between urban development and natural preservation.

Wetland Ecosystem
A significant feature of Bentonville’s outdoor attractions is its dedication to conserving natural ecosystems, with Osage Park being a prime example. The wetland ecosystem here is not just a haven for local wildlife but also serves as an educational resource for visitors. It’s a living classroom where people of all ages can learn about the importance of biodiversity and conservation efforts.

In Bentonville, the great outdoors is just a step away, offering a mix of adventure, relaxation, and education. Whether you’re looking to cycle through the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, explore the history and nature of Eureka Springs, or simply enjoy a day out at one of the urban parks, Bentonville has something for everyone. These outdoor adventures and parks are essential components of what makes Bentonville a unique and vibrant place to visit.

As we wrap up our exploration of Bentonville’s outdoor attractions, these experiences are just the beginning. Bentonville’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and nature makes it a destination worth exploring, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bentonville

Is Bentonville Arkansas worth visiting?

Absolutely. Bentonville is a little city with big surprises. It’s not just a place on the map; it’s a vibrant community brimming with art, history, and outdoor adventures. From world-class museums like Crystal Bridges and The Momentary to the thrilling trails of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the welcoming downtown area invites you to explore its unique shops and eateries at your own pace. So, yes, Bentonville is definitely worth the visit.

What is famous about Bentonville Arkansas?

Two words: Crystal Bridges. This museum has put Bentonville on the map for art lovers worldwide. It’s a stunning blend of art, architecture, and nature—all rolled into one. But that’s not all. Bentonville is also known as the birthplace of Walmart, with the Walmart Museum and the original Walton’s 5&10 store attracting visitors curious about the retail giant’s history. And let’s not forget about Bentonville’s reputation as a mountain biking haven. The city’s extensive trail systems are a magnet for cyclists from all over.

Bentonville’s popularity boils down to its unique ability to offer a rich, diverse experience in a small-town setting. It masterfully combines the charm of its historic downtown with the allure of modern attractions like The Momentary and the Museum of Native American History. Outdoor enthusiasts rave about the mountain biking trails and the beauty of the Ozarks. Foodies enjoy the mix of casual eats and fine dining. Plus, Bentonville’s ongoing calendar of events and festivals keeps the city lively and inviting all year round. Bentonville surprises visitors with how much it has to offer, making it a place not just to visit, but to remember and return to.

As we transition from exploring Bentonville’s most frequently asked questions, it’s clear that this city is more than just a destination; it’s an experience. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of its art, the thrill of its trails, or the charm of its community, Bentonville invites you to discover its many layers.


As we wrap up our exploration of Bentonville’s vibrant attractions and hidden gems, it’s evident that this city offers a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to art enthusiasts, history buffs, outdoor adventurers, and everyone in between. Bentonville is not just a place to visit; it’s a destination to experience, immerse in, and ultimately, fall in love with. From the world-renowned Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to the exhilarating trails of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bentonville places to visit are endless and diverse.

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