10 Hilarious Airbnb Stories That Will Make You Want to Book a Vacation

Airbnb has become a popular choice for many people looking for a place to stay while on vacation. And with good reason—Airbnb offers users a unique opportunity to stay in some pretty interesting places. But as these ten hilarious Airbnb stories show, you never quite know what you’re going to get when you book an Airbnb rental. From petting zoos to rabid bats, these renters have really taken advantage of everything Airbnb has to offer—good and bad!

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next vacation rental, be sure to check out these funny—and not-so-funny—Airbnb stories!

Hilarious Airbnb Stories: Unexpected Animal Encounters

1. One Family Found Themselves Staying in a Petting Zoo.

When you book an Airbnb, you’re usually expecting to find a clean and comfortable place to stay. But you’re probably not expecting to find yourself in the middle of a petting zoo!

That’s exactly what happened to one unlucky renter, who arrived at his Airbnb only to find that the hosts had turned the property into a full-blown petting zoo. In addition to the usual goats and chickens, there were also llamas, pigs, and even a kangaroo! While some may consider this a hilarious Airbnb story, the guest certainly was not pleased with this unexpected turn of events and quickly made other arrangements for their stay.

Yet, one man’s nightmare is another’s dream vacation. While this guest may not have appreciated staying among the owner’s backwood menagerie, you may find such a setup to be a lot of fun. So, know that there are plenty of unique options out there if you’re willing to look. 

hilarious Airbnb stories - petting zoo

2. Another Brought a Petting Zoo with Them.

If you thought finding a pet-friendly Airbnb was tough, try finding one that will also allow you to bring your own petting zoo. That’s exactly what one family did when they decided to go on vacation with their sheep, goats, and chickens in tow. They found an Airbnb that not only allowed them to bring their animals, but also had a fenced-in backyard for them to roam around in. 

The family said the experience was wonderful, and their kids loved being able to play with the animals while on vacation. If you’re looking for a unique vacation rental, don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Some may be harder to find than others, but there are options out there to fit your needs, no matter how strange they may be. And who knows? You may find yourself included among the most hilarious Airbnb stories.

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Bizarre Sleeping Arrangements: More Hilarious Airbnb Stories

3. Another Guest Had Her Bedroom Right Next to the Train Tracks!

When planning her vacation to Amsterdam, Anne-Marie had no idea that her bedroom would be located right next to the train tracks. But when she arrived at her Airbnb, that’s exactly what she found. This was not a matter of merely being close to the train tracks. She was less than a stone’s throw away. Close enough that the vibrations from the train were even worse than the noise. Obviously, this was not ideal. What makes for a comedic movie trope makes for hilarious Airbnb stories as well.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about it since she was beyond the cancellation period. She made the best of it by bringing earplugs and trying to get as much sleep as possible, but it was definitely a challenge. Do your homework before booking an Airbnb. Read the reviews and see what other guests have said. If it’s a new property, pay attention to whatever details you can glean from the description. And if it’s really cheap, there’s probably a reason.

hilarious Airbnb stores - bedroom next to train tracks

4. And the One Who Had Their Host’s Dog Sleep in Bed with Them!

There are all sorts of interesting Airbnb stories out there, but one of the funniest has to be the guest who had the host’s dog sleep in bed with them. This can obviously lead to some awkward moments, as you can imagine.

One woman who shared her story on Reddit said that she was staying at an Airbnb in Palm Springs when the host’s dog jumped into bed with her and her boyfriend. She said that the dog was “huge” and that it took up most of the bed. Not only was this uncomfortable, but it was also very hot since it was during the summer.

To make matters worse, the woman said that her boyfriend ended up getting bit by the dog during the night. She said he had to go to the hospital because of it and even needed a few stitches. Still, it’s hard not to include this one among the most hilarious Airbnb stories.

So if you’re ever considering renting out an Airbnb, be sure to ask your host if they have any pets! (Fortunately, Airbnb requires hosts to disclose this. If they don’t, you may be entitled to a full refund.) And if you do end up sharing a bed with a pet, be prepared for some furry surprises.

hilarious airbnb stories - animal bedfellows

Hilarious Airbnb Stories of Unexpected Roommates

5. Another Person Had Their Host’s Entire Family Staying with Them!

When you book an Airbnb, you’re usually expecting to have some peace and quiet. But what if your host’s entire family ends up staying with you? It’s the My Big Fat Greek Wedding of hilarious Airbnb stories.

That’s exactly what happened to one unlucky Airbnb guest, who had the host’s parents, siblings, and even cousins staying with them during their stay. Not only was this a lot of extra people in a small space, but it was also very noisy.

The guest said that they felt like they were “living in a zoo” and that they couldn’t get away from the host’s family members no matter where they went. If you’re ever considering booking a shared space in an Airbnb, be sure to ask the host how many people will be staying! This is particularly true if you’re staying in the host’s home. If you aren’t willing to take the risk of encountering such a situation, make sure only to rent private spaces on Airbnb. 

funny airbnb stories - family guests

Dark Side of Airbnb: Shocking Yet (Sometimes) Hilarious Stories

6. One Guest Found a Dead Body in Their Airbnb.

No list of bizarre Airbnb stories would be complete without the story of the guest who found a dead body in her rental. This is definitely one of the more horrifying tales, but it’s still worth mentioning. 

The story goes that a woman was staying at an Airbnb in Mexico when she found a dead body floating in the pool. The woman said that she initially thought it was a mannequin but quickly realized that it was a real person. She ended up calling the police, who took the body away.

While this story may not be one of the most hilarious Airbnb stories in the more overtly comedic sense, it does serve as a reminder always to be aware of your surroundings when you’re on vacation. You never know what you might find!

hilarious airbnb stories - dead bodies

7. Another Guest Was Locked in Her Airbnb.

Stories of guests being locked in their Airbnbs are unfortunately not that uncommon. But that doesn’t make them any less funny!

One woman shared her story on Reddit, saying that she was locked in her rental for two days after the host lost her key. The woman said that she had to call a locksmith to get out, which cost her $200. She also said that the whole experience was very stressful and that she will never stay in an Airbnb again. However, the circumstances surrounding this story were unusual and probably not something you’ll ever have to worry about. (If you ever do find yourself locked in your Airbnb, don’t wait two days to call a locksmith!) Strange things can happen, though, so be prepared. 

funny airbnb stories - locked inside

8. Another Guest Found a Camera Hidden in Their Airbnb.

While many of these stories are indeed funny, finding a hidden camera is definitely not. Unfortunately, while this is rare, it does happen from time to time, as many guests have found hidden cameras in their rentals. 

One man shared his story on Reddit, saying that he found a camera hidden in the smoke detector of his Airbnb. He initially thought it was just a regular security camera but quickly realized the owner had pointed it directly at the bed. He ended up unplugging it and confronting the host about it.

The man said that the host claimed that the camera was there for “security purposes,” but he did not find this excuse convincing. He ended up leaving and getting a refund from Airbnb. Fortunately, Airbnb has cracked down hard on this type of thing. Owners may not put cameras in private areas of a home, and Airbnb may permanently ban hosts who violate this rule. In addition, such actions can result in severe criminal penalties as well. So, it’s unlikely that you will ever have to face this issue. (Indeed, it can happen in hotels as well as Airbnbs.)

Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to your surroundings and proceed with caution when staying with any host who does not have a long track record in vacation rentals.

not so funny airbnb stories - hidden cameras

9. One Guest Found a Meth Lab in Their Airbnb.

While finding a camera in your Airbnb is definitely creepy, finding a meth lab may be even worse. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to one unlucky guest. 

The story goes that a woman was staying at an Airbnb in Australia when she found a meth lab in the rental. The woman said she could smell something strange from the basement and decided to investigate. That’s when she found it.

The woman ended up calling the police, who came and removed the evidence. If you’re ever considering booking an Airbnb, be sure to ask the host about any unusual smells! You don’t want to end up in a situation like this.

not so funny airbnb stories - meth labs

Wild and Crazy: Hilarious Airbnb Stories with a Bite

10. One Guest Was Bitten by a Rabid Bat in Their Airbnb

Last but not least, we have the story of the guest who was bitten by a rabid bat in his Airbnb. This is definitely one of the more bizarre tales, but it’s still worth mentioning. 

The story goes that a man was staying at an Airbnb in Florida when he was bitten by a bat. The man said that he woke up in the middle of the night to find a bat flying around his room. He tried to shoo it away, but the bat ended up biting him.

The man ended up going to the hospital, where he was treated for rabies. Thankfully, he got there before developing symptoms and is now doing fine. But this story serves as a reminder to always be cautious when you’re on vacation. You never know what might happen!

best airbnb reviews funny

The Best Airbnb Reviews: Funny Stories to Keep You Going

So there you have it! 10 hilarious Airbnb stories that will make you want to book a vacation. From finding a dead body to being bitten by a rabid bat, these guests have definitely had some interesting experiences. So if you’re ever considering booking an Airbnb, be sure to ask the host about any potential hazards! You don’t want to end up in situations like these.

For hosts, funny stories and guest reviews provide a unique charm to working in this business. You have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, hear all kinds of stories, and experience all kinds of bizarre and amazing things. It’s one of the reasons we love working in this business. It can be busy, stressful, and thankless at times, but having a sense of humor and developing an appreciation for the stories we’re able to tell our friends helps us appreciate the work we do and reinforces our desire to keep doing it.

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