How to Get More Bookings on VRBO in 5 Simple Steps

In the bustling world of vacation rentals, VRBO stands out as a key player. With millions of listings and visitors each month, it offers a vast marketplace for property owners. But, with such popularity comes competition. How do you ensure your property stands out and keeps the bookings flowing? The answer lies in understanding VRBO’s importance and navigating the vacation rental market’s competition cleverly.

In short, to get more bookings on VRBO, you need to:
1. Optimize your listing with relevant keywords and detailed descriptions.
2. Enhance your listing’s visual appeal with high-quality photos and, if possible, a virtual tour.
3. Implement competitive pricing adjusting for peak seasons or local events.
4. Leverage guest reviews to build credibility.
5. Use advanced marketing techniques including social media and VRBO’s promotional tools.

These steps are foundation blocks to securing more bookings. But let’s dig deeper into how you can implement each of these effectively, ensuring your VRBO listing isn’t just another property in an ocean of options, but a standout choice for travelers.

Optimize your VRBO listing for more bookings infographic: 1. Use strategic keywords in your listing. 2. Include high-quality photos and a virtual tour. 3. Set competitive pricing based on market research. 4. Encourage guests to leave positive reviews. 5. Promote your listing on social media and VRBO's Premier Host Program. - how to get more bookings on vrbo infographic pillar-4-steps

Optimize Your Listing for VRBO’s Search Algorithm

Optimizing your listing for VRBO’s search algorithm is a crucial step in learning how to get more bookings on VRBO. Let’s dive into the specifics: Keywords, Amenities, Location Tags, Safety Practices, and Property Specifications. These elements are your toolkit for standing out in a crowded marketplace.


Start with Keywords. Think like a traveler. What words would you type into VRBO’s search bar if you were looking for a place like yours? Include these keywords in your title and description, but keep it natural. Overstuffing keywords can make your listing read awkwardly, and that’s a turn-off for potential guests.


Amenities are next. They’re not just perks; they’re your listing’s selling points. VRBO allows users to filter their search by amenities, so missing out on ticking these boxes means missing out on potential bookings. From Wi-Fi and air conditioning to more unique offerings like a hot tub or pet-friendly spaces, make sure every amenity your property offers is listed. What might seem obvious to you might not be to your guests.

Location Tags

Don’t underestimate the power of Location Tags. These tags help guests find your property when they search for specific types of locations, such as “beachfront” or “city center.” If your property qualifies for any of these coveted tags, make sure they’re included in your listing. It’s a simple way to ensure your property shows up in more searches.

Safety Practices

Safety Practices cannot be overlooked. Highlighting your commitment to cleanliness and safety can set your listing apart. According to Vrbo, a vast majority of guests care about cleaning standards, yet only a fraction of property managers highlight their cleaning practices. Be part of that proactive group, and make sure your guests know your property meets high safety and hygiene standards.

Property Specifications

Lastly, Property Specifications are crucial. Be clear and detailed about what your property offers. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Is there a fully equipped kitchen? A garden or a patio? Don’t make guests hunt for this information. The more specific you are, the easier it is for guests to say, “Yes, this is exactly what we’re looking for.”

In conclusion, optimizing your VRBO listing isn’t just about making your property look appealing; it’s about making it findable. By carefully selecting the right keywords, listing all amenities, using location tags effectively, showcasing your commitment to safety, and clearly specifying what your property offers, you’re well on your way to increasing your bookings on VRBO. The goal is to match your property with the guests who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Now, let’s move on to how enhancing your listing’s visual appeal can further increase your bookings.

Enhance Your Listing’s Visual Appeal

When potential guests browse VRBO, your property’s visual representation plays a crucial role in capturing their attention. It’s not just about showing your property; it’s about selling an experience. Here’s how you can make your VRBO listing visually irresistible.

First 5 Photos

Think of the first 5 photos on your listing as the opening act of a show. They need to be so compelling that guests can’t help but want to see more. Include an exterior shot to set the scene, followed by interior shots that highlight the best features of your property. Whether it’s a cozy fireplace, a spacious kitchen, or a breathtaking view, make sure these photos tell a story that aligns with what your ideal guest is searching for.

Professional Photography

Investing in professional photography is non-negotiable. As per VRBO’s internal data, properties with high-quality photos receive significantly more views and bookings. A professional photographer knows how to capture the essence of your property, ensuring each photo is well-lit and composed. You’re not just showcasing a space; you’re showcasing a potential home away from home for your guests.

professional real estate photography - how to get more bookings on vrbo

Virtual Tours

Offering a virtual tour can set your listing apart. It allows potential guests to walk through your property from the comfort of their home, providing a sense of space and layout that photos alone cannot. This immersive experience can be the deciding factor for guests comparing multiple properties.

“Hero” Photo

Your “hero” photo is the first image potential guests will see, so it needs to be a showstopper. This photo should encapsulate the best your property has to offer. Whether it’s an inviting bedroom with plush linens or a patio with sunset views, choose a photo that promises an unforgettable experience. According to VRBO, the right hero photo can significantly increase interest in your listing.

By focusing on these aspects of visual appeal, you’re not just listing a property; you’re curating an experience that guests can envision themselves in. High-quality photos, a captivating hero image, and the option for a virtual tour can dramatically enhance your listing’s attractiveness, leading to more bookings on VRBO.

As we’ve seen, a picture is truly worth a thousand words—or in this case, potentially thousands of dollars in bookings. Next, we’ll explore how implementing competitive pricing and availability strategies can further maximize your success on VRBO.

Implement Competitive Pricing and Availability Strategies

When it comes to how to get more bookings on VRBO, understanding and implementing competitive pricing and availability strategies is key. Let’s break this down into actionable steps.

Event Pricing

Events in your area can significantly influence demand for vacation rentals. Whether it’s a major sports event, a popular festival, or a large conference, these events can drive up demand and allow you to adjust your pricing accordingly. Stay informed about local events and consider increasing your rates during these periods to maximize your revenue.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is all about flexibility. Prices should fluctuate based on demand, seasonality, and market trends. Tools like Beyond Pricing analyze data to recommend optimal pricing strategies, ensuring you’re never undercharging during peak times or overcharging when demand is low. This approach helps in keeping your listing competitive and maximizing your earnings.

Availability Calendar

Your availability calendar is more than just a schedule; it’s a strategic tool. Keeping your calendar up-to-date is crucial. Short gaps between bookings can be unappealing because they limit potential guests’ options. Try to maintain a balance between short and long stays to appeal to a broader audience. Additionally, open up your calendar for major events well in advance to capture early bookings.

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing is a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of setting your rates. It analyzes billions of data points, considering factors like local demand spikes, holiday periods, and even weather patterns to suggest the best pricing for your listing. Integrating such a tool can significantly boost your competitiveness on VRBO by ensuring your prices are always optimized for both occupancy and revenue.

Remember, the goal is to make your listing as appealing as possible to potential guests. By strategically pricing your property and ensuring your availability aligns with market demand, you can increase your visibility on VRBO and attract more bookings.

Implementing these strategies requires a bit of effort and attention to detail, but the payoff can be substantial. Not only can you increase your earnings, but you can also improve your listing’s ranking on VRBO, making it more likely to catch the eye of potential guests.

We’ll delve into how leveraging guest reviews and response rates can further enhance your listing’s attractiveness and booking potential on VRBO.

Leverage Guest Reviews and Response Rate

When it comes to how to get more bookings on VRBO, never underestimate the power of guest reviews and your response rate. These elements are crucial for building trust with potential guests and improving your visibility on the platform.

Guest Reviews

92% of guests want to see reviews before booking. This statistic alone highlights the importance of reviews in the decision-making process of travelers. Positive reviews serve as social proof, reassuring potential guests that your property offers a great experience.

Here’s how to maximize the impact of guest reviews:
Encourage guests to leave reviews after their stay. A simple reminder via email or a thank-you note can prompt them to share their experience.
Showcase your best reviews prominently. If your property has received rave reviews about specific features, make sure these are highlighted in your listing.
Learn from feedback. Not all reviews will be glowing, but each provides valuable insights on how to improve.

Response Rate

Being quick to respond to inquiries or booking requests shows that you’re attentive and reliable. A high response rate can significantly influence a guest’s decision to book your property over another.

  • Aim for a 24-hour response time. VRBO users appreciate quick and helpful replies. This not only improves your chances of securing a booking but also boosts your ranking on the platform.
  • Use automated responses for common questions. If you receive a lot of similar inquiries, consider setting up automated responses to save time while still providing prompt replies.

Booking Rate

Your booking rate is influenced by both your guest reviews and response rate. A high booking rate signals to VRBO and potential guests that your property is desirable.

  • Offer personal touches. As mentioned earlier, small gestures like a welcome basket or personalized recommendations can make a big difference in how guests perceive their stay. Happy guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and book again.
  • Provide exceptional customer service. From the moment a guest shows interest in your listing to the time they check out, ensure every interaction is positive. Address any issues promptly and professionally to leave a lasting good impression.

By focusing on these areas, you not only enhance your guests’ experience but also improve your listing’s performance on VRBO. In the vacation rental market, your reputation is everything. Positive reviews and a high response rate are key indicators of your commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience, which in turn, can lead to more bookings and higher revenue.

As we explore further, we’ll discuss how you can utilize advanced marketing techniques to further increase your visibility and attractiveness on VRBO.

Utilize Advanced Marketing Techniques

In today’s competitive vacation rental market, standing out on VRBO requires more than just a great listing. Leveraging advanced marketing techniques can significantly boost your visibility and appeal to potential guests. Let’s dive into some effective strategies:

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to showcase your property. Create engaging content that highlights the unique aspects of your vacation rental. Share stunning photos, guest testimonials, and local attractions. Interaction is key. Respond to comments and questions promptly to build a community around your rental. According to data, properties that engage with their audience on social media platforms tend to attract more guests.


Investing in technology can give your listing a competitive edge. Virtual tours or 360-degree photos provide an immersive experience, allowing potential guests to envision themselves in your space. Smart home features, like keyless entry systems, not only enhance the guest experience but also position your property as modern and convenient.

Premier Host Program

Becoming a VRBO Premier Host can significantly increase your bookings. This program rewards hosts who consistently provide excellent guest experiences with higher visibility and a badge of excellence. To qualify, you need to maintain a high review rating, a low cancellation rate, and a high acceptance rate. As a Premier Host, your properties will rank higher in search results, attracting more potential guests.

VRBO Boost

For Premier Hosts, the VRBO Boost program is an invaluable tool. It allows you to use power-ups earned from bookings and guest stays to increase your property’s visibility during specific periods. This is particularly useful for filling gaps in your calendar or highlighting your rental during peak seasons.

Weekender Management

Partnering with a professional management company like Weekender Management can take your VRBO listing to the next level. They can help you implement these advanced marketing techniques efficiently and effectively. From optimizing your social media presence to navigating the Premier Host Program, their expertise can save you time and increase your bookings.

By incorporating these advanced marketing techniques, you can enhance your property’s visibility on VRBO and attract more guests. The vacation rental market is constantly evolving, so staying informed and adapting your strategies is key to long-term success.


In the competitive world of vacation rentals, success on platforms like VRBO hinges on continuous improvement and staying agile with market trends. That’s where Weekender Management steps in, offering a tailored approach to ensure your property doesn’t just meet but exceeds guest expectations.

Continuous Improvement is at the heart of what we do. The vacation rental market doesn’t stand still, and neither should your listing. By analyzing guest feedback, monitoring performance metrics, and keeping an eye on the evolving landscape, we ensure your VRBO listing is always one step ahead. Whether it’s tweaking your listing’s description, updating photos, or adjusting pricing strategies, our goal is to maximize your bookings and revenue.

Staying Updated on Trends is crucial in this industry. From technological advancements like smart home features to shifts in traveler preferences post-pandemic, we keep our finger on the pulse. This proactive approach not only enhances your property’s appeal but also positions you as a forward-thinking host in a sea of competition.

At Weekender Management, we believe in the power of partnership. Our expertise in the vacation rental market, combined with your unique property, creates a winning formula. We’re not just about managing; we’re about enhancing the value of your investment every step of the way.

In conclusion, getting more bookings on VRBO isn’t just about implementing a set of strategies and calling it a day. It’s about embracing a mindset of continuous improvement, staying informed about industry trends, and leveraging the expertise of a dedicated management service like Weekender Management. Together, we can ensure your vacation rental not only survives but thrives in the changing market landscape.

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