The 10 Best Modern Vacation Rentals Compared

Nowadays, travelers are looking beyond the traditional hotel experience for something more unique, personal, and memorable. Modern vacation rentals stand out as the perfect answer to this demand, offering unique experiences and authentic stays beyond what any standard hotel can provide.

If you’re chasing after a vacation spot that feels like a home away from home, garnished with personal touches and sitting in the heart of the local culture, these modern rentals are your go-to. They come in all shapes and sizes – from cozy apartments in bustling cities to secluded cabins in tranquil countryside settings. Each one promises a different experience, tailored to make your trip stand out.

Modern vacation rentals prioritize design, individuality, and privacy, with each offering something special: perhaps a house with history, a cutting-edge ecological design, or just a breathtaking view that you won’t find anywhere else. They often come equipped with unique amenities like custom art installations, private pools, or in-house chefs, making your stay as relaxing or adventurous as you want it to be.

Here’s a quick view of what makes these rentals a top choice for today’s traveler:
Design: Each rental boasts its own unique architectural and interior design.
Location: Nestled in exclusive locales or the heart of the action.
Privacy: The comfort of your own space, without the crowds.
Unique Amenities: Tailored features that elevate your stay from good to unforgettable.

For a better understanding, take a look at this infographic summarizing the key points:

Infographic on the benefits of modern vacation rentals - modern vacation rentals infographic pillar-3-steps

Whether you’re an investor looking to offer a standout property in the short-term rental market, or a traveler aiming for an unforgettable experience, modern vacation rentals offer something far beyond the ordinary. Let’s dive in to discover what makes them the top choice for 2023.

Why Choose Modern Vacation Rentals?

In today’s travel landscape, the quest for unique and memorable experiences is at an all-time high. Enter modern vacation rentals: a world where design, location, privacy, and unique amenities converge to create unparalleled travel experiences. Here’s why they’re becoming the go-to choice for discerning travelers.


Imagine staying in a dwelling where every corner, every piece of furniture, and every fixture was thoughtfully curated not just for function but for aesthetic pleasure. That’s what modern vacation rentals offer. From sleek, minimalist apartments in the city to rustic, architecturally significant homes tucked away in nature, these properties are a dream for anyone with an eye for design. Boutique Homes, for example, boasts residences designed by legends like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, turning your stay into a live-in art exhibit.


The old adage “location, location, location” finds a new meaning in modern vacation rentals. Whether it’s a beachside bungalow with sunrise views or a chic apartment in the heart of a bustling metropolis, these rentals are situated in some of the most coveted and unique spots around the globe. Le Collectionist specializes in luxury villas in chic locales, ensuring that guests are not just well-accommodated but perfectly placed to explore and enjoy their surroundings.


One of the paramount benefits of opting for a modern vacation rental is the unparalleled privacy it offers. Unlike crowded hotels or resorts, a vacation rental feels like your own personal haven. Whether it’s a cozy cottage for a romantic getaway or a sprawling estate for a family reunion, you have the space to yourself, allowing for a level of relaxation and freedom that’s hard to match.

Unique Amenities

What sets modern vacation rentals apart are the unique amenities that cater to a wide range of interests and needs. Fancy a private pool, a home theater, or perhaps a personal chef during your stay? These are just a few of the bespoke amenities that can elevate your vacation from great to extraordinary. Welcome Beyond offers properties with unusual offerings, like yurts and chalets, ensuring that your stay is as unique as your preferences.

Read more about the unique amenities offered by modern vacation rentals.

Modern vacation rentals are more than just a place to rest your head. They are carefully curated experiences designed to enrich your travel and provide comfort, beauty, and privacy. Whether you’re seeking adventure, tranquility, or a blend of both, modern vacation rentals opens the door to a new way of experiencing your destination. With their focus on design integrity, prime locations, personal privacy, and customized amenities, these rentals redefine the concept of a vacation, promising stays that are as memorable as they are luxurious.

In the next section, we’ll explore the top 10 modern vacation rentals for 2023, highlighting the unique features and offerings that make each stand out in the changing landscape of travel accommodations.

Top 10 Modern Vacation Rentals for 2023

The world of travel is constantly evolving, and with it, the places we choose to stay. Modern vacation rentals offer a blend of design, location, privacy, and unique amenities that traditional accommodations often can’t match. Here’s a look at the top 10 modern vacation rentals for 2023, each offering something special for travelers seeking more than just a place to sleep.


Global reach, 6 million listings: Airbnb is the giant in the room, with a presence in almost every country on the planet. Its vast array of listings includes everything from city apartments to secluded treehouses, making it a go-to platform for travelers seeking unique stays.
Airbnb listings - modern vacation rentals


Family-friendly, Diverse options: Vrbo specializes in whole-home rentals, making it perfect for families and larger groups wanting privacy and space. Its diverse options ensure that whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa or a mountain cabin, Vrbo has something for everyone.
Vrbo family vacation - modern vacation rentals

Boutique Homes

Architecturally significant, Artful details: For those with an eye for design, Boutique Homes offers a curated selection of properties that stand out for their architectural significance and artful details. From modernist masterpieces to cozy cabins, each listing is a destination in itself.
Boutique Homes selection - modern vacation rentals

The Plum Guide

Luxury, Quality-tested: The Plum Guide takes the guesswork out of luxury stays by handpicking and testing every home against a strict set of criteria. If you’re looking for a high-end stay with guaranteed quality, this is the place to start. The Plum Guide badge - modern vacation rentals

Luxury Retreats International

High-end, Personalized services: Part of the Airbnb family, Luxury Retreats focuses on the very high end of the market, offering villas and estates with personalized concierge services to make your stay truly bespoke.
Luxury Retreats villa - modern vacation rentals


City gems, Exclusive homes: Specializing in city accommodations, Onefinestay offers a collection of exclusive homes in some of the world’s most sought-after locations. Each stay is accompanied by personal service to ensure a seamless experience.
Onefinestay city apartment - modern vacation rentals

Welcome Beyond

Design-focused, Unusual offerings: Welcome Beyond prides itself on listings that are not just places to stay but experiences in their own right. From yurts to designer villas, each property is handpicked for its unique appeal.
Welcome Beyond unique stay - modern vacation rentals

Le Collectionist

Luxury villas, Chic locales: For those looking to vacation in style, Le Collectionist offers luxury villa rentals in some of the world’s chicest locales. Think of it as your gateway to staying in the world’s most exclusive destinations.
Le Collectionist luxury villa - modern vacation rentals

Living Architecture

Thought-provoking designs, Countryside retreats: Living Architecture commissions unique holiday homes across the UK, designed by leading architects. Their properties offer a chance to live in a piece of contemporary art set in stunning rural landscapes.
Living Architecture countryside retreat - modern vacation rentals


Stylish properties, Minimalist interiors: DOM is for the minimalist lover, offering a handpicked selection of stylish properties throughout Europe. Each listing is chosen for its design credentials and minimalist aesthetic, promising a serene escape. DOM minimalist property - modern vacation rentals

Each of these platforms offers something different, from the vast choices of Airbnb and Vrbo to the design-focused collections of Boutique Homes and Welcome Beyond. Whether you’re seeking luxury, a family getaway, or a unique architectural experience, modern vacation rentals has never been more exciting or accessible.

Read more about how these platforms compare in terms of price and amenities in the following sections.

Comparing Prices: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

When planning a vacation, one of the biggest questions is where to stay. The choice between modern vacation rentals and hotels can significantly impact your travel budget and experience. Let’s dive into price trends, consumer research findings, and the cost-effectiveness of each option.

Price Trends

The cost of vacation accommodations fluctuates based on location, season, and the type of experience you’re seeking. Generally, modern vacation rentals offer competitive pricing, especially for longer stays or larger groups. Hotels, on the other hand, might offer convenience but often at a higher price point for similar amenities.

Consumer Research Findings

Research by organizations like Which? has shown that vacation rentals can provide more value for your money in popular destinations. This is due to the competitive nature of the market and the variety of options available. Modern vacation rentals often include additional living spaces, kitchens, and private amenities that hotels simply can’t match at the same price.


  • Space and Amenities: Modern vacation rentals often offer more space and privacy compared to hotels. For the price of a single hotel room, you might find a vacation rental with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. This is particularly appealing for families or groups traveling together.

  • Extended Stays: For longer vacations, modern vacation rentals can be significantly more cost-effective. With facilities like kitchens, guests can save money by cooking some meals at home rather than dining out for every meal.

  • Location Benefits: While hotels are typically centrally located, modern vacation rentals can offer unique locations that might provide a more authentic experience of your destination. Sometimes, these unique spots come with a lower price tag than hotels in the heart of tourist areas.

  • Exclusivity and Experience: Modern vacation rentals often provide unique and personalized experiences that hotels cannot offer, from staying in an architecturally significant home to having access to private outdoor spaces. These experiences can add value beyond the cost comparison.

In summary, while hotels might offer certain conveniences, modern vacation rentals often emerge as the more cost-effective choice, especially when considering the added space, amenities, and unique experiences they provide. Whether you’re looking for a city apartment, a beachfront villa, or a countryside cottage, modern vacation rentals offers a range of options to suit various budgets and preferences. Understanding these price trends and consumer research findings can help travelers make informed decisions that align with their vacation goals and budget.

We’ll explore the unique features that set modern vacation rentals apart from traditional hotel stays, emphasizing the customized experiences and design integrity that have become synonymous with this mode of travel accommodation.

Unique Features of Modern Vacation Rentals

Modern vacation rentals have transformed the way we experience travel. They’re not just places to stay; they’re gateways to unique, personalized experiences. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

One of the most appealing aspects of modern vacation rentals is their emphasis on blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine waking up in a sleek, architecturally significant home where sliding glass doors open to a panoramic view of the ocean or a dense, enchanting forest. This seamless integration allows guests to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings, making for a more memorable and rejuvenating stay.

Read more about the importance of design in vacation rentals.

Design Integrity

Modern vacation rentals pride themselves on design integrity. This means every aspect of the property, from the furniture to the layout, is carefully considered to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment. For instance, properties listed on Boutique Homes are selected for their architectural significance and artful details, ranging from cabins in the Yucca Valley designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to minimalist interiors in Europe via DOM. This attention to design elevates the guest experience, offering not just a place to stay but a space that inspires and delights.

Customized Experiences

What truly sets modern vacation rentals apart are the customized experiences they offer. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional hotels, these rentals cater to the unique preferences and interests of their guests. For example, Le Collectionist specializes in luxury villa rentals in chic locales, offering personalized travel services that immerse guests in local customs and cadences. Similarly, Living Architecture focuses on creating thought-provoking holiday houses that offer more than just accommodation—they provide an experience that engages the mind and refreshes the spirit.

These unique features—indoor/outdoor living, design integrity, and customized experiences—highlight the shift towards more personalized, authentic travel accommodations. Modern vacation rentals offer a deeper connection to the destination, a respect for design, and an experience tailored to the individual. As we continue to seek out meaningful and enriching travel experiences, it’s clear that modern vacation rentals will play a pivotal role in how we explore the world.

In the next section, we’ll tackle some frequently asked questions about modern vacation rentals, helping you navigate this evolving landscape with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Vacation Rentals

When it comes to planning your next getaway, modern vacation rentals offer a unique and personalized alternative to traditional hotel stays. Let’s dive into some of the most common questions travelers have about booking these contemporary accommodations.

What is the best search engine for vacation rentals?

Choosing the right platform to book your vacation rental can significantly impact your travel experience. Here are a few top contenders:

  • Vrbo: Known for its wide selection of family-friendly and larger properties, Vrbo is ideal for group travels or family vacations.
  • Airbnb: With its global reach and 6 million listings, Airbnb offers everything from private rooms to entire homes, making it a versatile choice for all types of travelers.
  • FlipKey: A TripAdvisor company, FlipKey provides access to properties worldwide, with reviews that help you make informed decisions.
  • While traditionally known for hotel bookings, has expanded its offerings to include a vast array of vacation rentals, often with flexible cancellation policies.

Read more about finding the perfect platform for your needs in our detailed comparison section.

Are vacation rentals cheaper than hotels?

The cost of vacation rentals versus hotels can vary widely depending on several factors, including location, size, and amenities. However, consumer research findings suggest that vacation rentals can offer more value for your money, especially for larger groups or longer stays where you can split costs and enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen and other home-like amenities. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and consider your specific needs before making a booking.

What is Vacasa vs Airbnb?

While both platforms offer a range of vacation rental options, there are key differences between them:

  • Vacasa: Specializes in full-service vacation rental management, meaning they handle everything from marketing to maintenance for homeowners. For travelers, this can translate to a more consistent and professional service level.
  • Airbnb: Acts primarily as a listing platform, connecting property owners with travelers. This can offer a more diverse range of rental options, from budget-friendly rooms to luxury homes, but with varying levels of service depending on the host.

In conclusion, modern vacation rentals provide a flexible and often more personalized travel experience, whether you’re looking for a city apartment, a beachfront villa, or a cozy cabin in the woods. By understanding the differences between platforms like Vrbo, Airbnb, FlipKey, and, as well as considering factors like price and service level, you can find the perfect accommodation for your next adventure.

Let’s explore the unique features that set modern vacation rentals apart from traditional lodging options, enhancing your travel experience with indoor/outdoor living, design integrity, and customized experiences.


As we wrap up our exploration of modern vacation rentals, it’s clear that the landscape of travel and accommodation has evolved significantly. The demand for unique, personalized, and authentic stays has given rise to a new era of lodging options, each offering something special beyond the conventional hotel experience. Amidst this transformative shift, Weekender Management stands out as a beacon for those seeking not just a place to stay, but a memorable journey.

Weekender Management is at the forefront of this evolution, offering a personalized service that turns modern vacation rentals into experiences that travelers cherish. Our approach is simple yet profound: we believe that every trip is an opportunity for discovery, relaxation, and making memories that last a lifetime. This belief drives us to provide short-term rental management services that go above and beyond.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • Personalized Service: We understand that no two travelers are the same, and neither are their needs. Our team goes the extra mile to understand what makes your ideal stay. Whether it’s a secluded cabin for a tranquil retreat or a chic apartment in the heart of the city, we tailor our services to match your desires.

  • Modern Vacation Rentals: Our portfolio is curated to include properties that embody the essence of modern design and comfort. From architecturally significant homes to stylish apartments with minimalist interiors, our selection is about quality, not quantity. Each property is chosen for its unique character and the experience it offers, ensuring you have a truly distinctive stay.

  • Short-term Rental Management: For property owners, navigating short-term rentals can be challenging. That’s where we come in. From marketing your property to managing bookings and ensuring your home is guest-ready, we handle all aspects of rental management. Our goal is to maximize your investment while maintaining the highest standards of quality and guest satisfaction.

When travel is not just about the destination but also about the journey and the stay, choosing the right partner for your accommodation needs is crucial. Weekender Management is more than just a service provider; we are your partner in creating unforgettable travel experiences.

Whether you’re planning your next getaway or looking to list your property as a modern vacation rental, let us help you make it perfect. Discover the difference with Weekender Management, where every stay is tailored to your dreams.

As we’ve seen, the allure of modern vacation rentals lies not just in their design or location, but in the stories they tell and the experiences they offer. With Weekender Management, you’re not just booking a stay; you’re crafting your next great adventure. Let us guide you through a world where travel is personalized, and every accommodation is a home away from home.

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