Exploring New Horizons: Top Emerging Vacation Rental Websites


The vacation rental industry is booming, driven by a growing market eager for unique, flexible, and cost-effective accommodations. With millions of visitors daily, new vacation rental sites are emerging, offering fresh opportunities for both guests and hosts.

Quick Takeaways

  • Vacation rental industry is growing rapidly
  • New platforms are emerging with unique features
  • Ideal for hosts to expand their reach and guests to explore new options

For real estate investors and property owners, this uptrend means exploring new, innovative platforms can maximize returns and ensure greater occupancy rates. Stay tuned as we dive into some of the top emerging vacation rental websites that are changing the game.

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1. bnbfinder: No Fees and Vetted Properties

Looking for a vacation rental site that promises no hidden fees and vetted properties? Look no further than bnbfinder. This newcomer is shaking up the market by focusing on professionally managed properties like vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, inns, and boutique hotels.

Why bnbfinder Stands Out

No Fees: One of the most attractive aspects of bnbfinder is the elimination of service fees. Traditional platforms like Airbnb and VRBO often tack on service fees that can add up to 15-20% of your total cost. bnbfinder bypasses these fees, allowing you to save money—money you could use to upgrade your room, enjoy more gourmet meals, or extend your stay.

Vetted Properties: Another standout feature is their focus on quality. All properties listed on bnbfinder are professionally managed and vetted. This ensures a consistent, high-quality experience for travelers, eliminating the unpredictability often associated with peer-to-peer rentals.

Benefits for Property Owners

For property owners, bnbfinder offers a no-risk way to list properties. You can list your property for free and engage directly with guests, personalizing the experience and boosting booking chances. Plus, there’s no commission-based model; instead, you have the option to upgrade to Premium Listings for a flat, low monthly cost, maximizing your profits and giving you full control.

“bnbfinder is providing travelers the next-generation vacation rental marketplace and community, where making memories and creating new experiences doesn’t come with frustrating and unnecessary fees,” says CEO Eric Goldreyer.

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Growing Popularity

bnbfinder is rapidly expanding its listings across North America and plans to introduce new technological features and mobile-friendly options. This platform is not just playing catch-up; it’s aiming to lead by addressing major pain points like unexpected expenses and inconsistent rental quality.

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With its disruptive approach, bnbfinder is set to redefine the vacation rental landscape. For both hosts and guests, this platform offers a refreshing change from the impersonal, fee-heavy models of larger platforms.

Stay tuned as we explore more new vacation rental sites that are revolutionizing the industry. Next up, we dive into the modern approach of Sonder, a platform known for its stylish lofts and digital check-in services.

2. Sonder: Modern Approach to Hospitality

Sonder is for travelers who want something between a house rental and a hotel. This new vacation rental site offers stylish lofts, apartments, and rooms in major cities worldwide.

Stylish Lofts and Apartments

Sonder properties are known for their meticulously designed interiors. Imagine staying in a two-bedroom flat in London with a full kitchen and a cozy living room. Or perhaps a chic studio in Boston with a small kitchenette. Each property is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Digital Check-In

One of Sonder’s standout features is its completely digital check-in process. No more waiting at a front desk or coordinating with hosts. Guests receive all the information they need through the app, making the process smooth and contactless. This is perfect for travelers who value convenience and flexibility.

Concierge Services

Sonder also offers concierge services through its app. Need restaurant recommendations or help with transportation? Simply use the app to get assistance. This tech-friendly approach ensures that guests have everything they need at their fingertips.

Sonder’s focus on eliminating unnecessary steps makes it a streamlined way to book your next vacation rental. Whether you’re staying for a few nights or a few months, Sonder provides a modern, hassle-free experience.

Stay tuned as we continue exploring more new vacation rental sites. Next, we’ll look into myfriendlyhost, a unique travel app offering safe and personalized vacation rentals.

3. myfriendlyhost: Unique Travel App

myfriendlyhost is a standout among new vacation rental sites due to its unique approach to providing safe vacation rentals. This innovative platform is designed to connect travelers with hosts through a network of friends and mutual friends, ensuring a level of trust and security that other platforms may lack.

Safe and Personalized Rentals

Unlike traditional vacation rental sites where you book from strangers, myfriendlyhost allows you to rent from people within your social circle. This adds a layer of security, making it ideal for those who prioritize safety and trust. By leveraging Facebook’s network, myfriendlyhost ensures that both hosts and guests feel more comfortable and secure.

“Renting to people within a friendly network is simply good for business,” says Victor Semeniaka, co-founder of myfriendlyhost. This approach not only builds trust but also enhances the overall experience for both parties involved.

Unique Service

One of the unique features of myfriendlyhost is its no booking fees policy. This is a major advantage compared to other platforms that often charge high commissions. The app also facilitates direct communication between hosts and guests, eliminating intermediaries and making the booking process smoother and more transparent.

The app’s interface resembles Instagram, making it user-friendly and visually appealing. You can see a list of both friends and mutual friends who might be property hosts, adding a personal touch to your vacation planning.

A Solution for Disillusioned Hosts

For property owners who are tired of high commissions and anti-owner policies on other platforms, myfriendlyhost offers a refreshing alternative. By focusing on a B2B model, the platform addresses the concerns of property liability and safety, making it a win-win for both hosts and guests.

“The recommendation of a friend is one of the newest and most powerful marketing tools,” notes a report from Forbes. This sentiment is at the heart of myfriendlyhost’s business model, emphasizing trust and community.

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As we continue our journey through the best new vacation rental sites, next up is Plum Guide. This platform is known for its rigorous quality checks and luxury homes, ensuring a top-notch experience for travelers.

4. Plum Guide: Quality Assurance

Plum Guide takes the guesswork out of vacation home rentals by focusing on quality assurance. This platform is extremely selective, with only 3% of homes passing its rigorous 150-point Plum Test. This makes it a standout among new vacation rental sites.

Luxury Homes

Plum Guide specializes in luxury homes, offering a curated selection of more than 30,000 properties worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a chic apartment in Paris or a beachfront villa in Malibu, Plum Guide ensures you’ll find high-quality, beautifully designed accommodations.

Stringent Quality Checks

The platform’s stringent quality checks are a key feature. Each property is vetted by seasoned Home Critics who inspect everything from the water pressure in the showers to the quality of the mattress. According to Plum Guide, “We only accept homes that pass our 150-point Plum Test, ensuring the highest standards for our guests.”

AI Technology

Plum Guide also leverages AI technology to screen properties before human inspection. This advanced technology helps identify homes that meet the company’s strict criteria, making the vetting process more efficient and reliable.

No Peer Reviews

Unlike other platforms, Plum Guide does not feature peer reviews. Instead, they rely on post-stay surveys to gather feedback. This feedback is used to improve the guest experience or remove properties that fall short of expectations.

Plum Guide’s focus on luxury and quality makes it a top choice for travelers looking for a seamless and upscale vacation rental experience. If you want peace of mind and a professional seal of approval on your next stay, Plum Guide is worth considering.

Next, we’ll explore Homestay.com, another innovative platform that offers a unique approach to vacation rentals by focusing on private room accommodations.

5. Homestay.com: Private Room Rentals

Homestay.com offers a unique twist in the vacation rental market by focusing on private room rentals rather than entire homes. Since 2013, it has connected over 200,000 guests with hosts in more than 160 countries.

One standout feature of Homestay.com is its barter basis option. Guests can stay at a host’s place without any monetary exchange, opting instead for services like housekeeping or even a future stay swap. This flexible approach can be a game-changer for budget-conscious travelers or those looking to immerse themselves in local culture.

Hosts pay a modest 3% service fee per booking, making it an attractive platform for listing properties. If hosts offer additional services like laundry or cleaning, these fees should be discussed and agreed upon with guests beforehand.

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For travelers, this model offers a more intimate and affordable stay option, often including interactions with the host, which can enrich the travel experience. If you’re looking for a different kind of vacation rental that emphasizes personal connections and cultural exchanges, Homestay.com is worth exploring.

Next, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about these emerging vacation rental sites.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Vacation Rental Sites

What are the best new vacation rental sites?

Some of the best new vacation rental sites include:

  • bnbfinder: Known for no fees and vetted properties, making it a reliable option for travelers.
  • Sonder: Offers modern, stylish lofts with digital check-in and concierge services.
  • myfriendlyhost: A unique travel app focusing on safe vacation rentals and personalized experiences.
  • Plum Guide: Features luxury homes that pass stringent quality checks, ensuring top-notch accommodations.
  • Homestay.com: Specializes in private room rentals often arranged on a barter basis, available in over 160 countries.

How do new vacation rental sites compare to Airbnb?

While Airbnb is a giant in the vacation rental market, these new platforms offer unique features that might better suit your needs.

  • bnbfinder: Unlike Airbnb, bnbfinder charges no fees and offers vetted properties, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Sonder: Focuses on digital check-in and concierge services, streamlining the process and offering a hotel-like experience.
  • myfriendlyhost: Provides a unique safe vacation rental service through a user-friendly app, emphasizing security and personalized stays.
  • Plum Guide: Uses AI technology and stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best luxury homes are listed.
  • Homestay.com: Offers private rooms on a barter basis, promoting cultural exchanges and personal connections.

Are there any new vacation rental sites with unique features?

Yes, several new vacation rental sites come with unique features:

  • bnbfinder: No fees and properties are vetted for quality.
  • Sonder: Digital check-in and concierge services make for a seamless, modern stay.
  • myfriendlyhost: A travel app focusing on safe and unique vacation rentals.
  • Plum Guide: Stringent quality checks and AI technology ensure high standards.
  • Homestay.com: Barter basis for private room rentals, fostering cultural exchanges.

These platforms offer diverse options and unique features that can cater to different travel preferences and needs.


Exploring new vacation rental sites can open up a world of unique and exciting travel experiences. Platforms like bnbfinder, Sonder, myfriendlyhost, Plum Guide, and Homestay.com are revolutionizing the way we book and enjoy our stays.

But finding the right platform is just one part of the equation. Managing your vacation rental effectively is crucial to maximizing your returns and ensuring a seamless experience for your guests.

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