What To Do If Your Airbnb Guest Is a Nightmare

nightmare Airbnb guests

Every Airbnb host worries about getting that nightmare guest. They can book your place and never show up, they can show up and trash the place, or they can just make your life a living hell. If you’re unlucky enough to have one of these guests—and you will sooner or later—here are some tips to prevent your Airbnb dream from becoming an Airbnb nightmare.

Who Is The Nightmare Airbnb Guest?

Nightmare Airbnb guests come in all shapes and sizes. They’re particularly difficult if you rent a room in your home. Some guests, for example, might take over your house and not leave you with any privacy. Others might be incredibly noisy and keep you up all night. And some guests might even damage your property or steal your belongings.

Regardless of what these nightmare guests do, they can completely ruin your hosting experience. Some signs of a potential nightmare guest include:

– Last minute bookings from someone new to Airbnb with no reviews.

– Last minute bookings from someone who lives locally.

– And most obviously, guests with bad reviews.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to screen out bad guests, and some of them will get through. If you do encounter nightmare guests, be sure to contact Airbnb immediately so that they can help resolve the situation.

Since one of the biggest issues with nightmare guests, however, are parties, it may make sense to charge an extra guest fee over a certain number of guests. That helps ensure in the off chance that the large number of guests you’re hosting have a party, at least you get some extra money upfront. It may also help you get compensation for other guests that aren’t disclosed upfront if you have to file a claim against the guest with Airbnb. 

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What To Do If You Have Nightmare Airbnb Guests

Nightmare Airbnb guests can be a real hassle, especially if you’re not prepared for them. Here are some tips on how to deal with these types of guests if they show up at your Airbnb:

1. Establish clear expectations with your guests before they arrive. Make sure you discuss things like noise levels, parking, and what time they should check out. This will help avoid any misunderstandings once they’re on your property.

2. If the guests are causing a disturbance, talk to them directly and explain that their behavior is unacceptable. Be polite but firm, and make sure to document any problems so you can report them to Airbnb.

3. If the guests refuse to leave, contact Airbnb immediately and ask for help. They should be able to resolve the situation quickly and help you get your rental back on track.

What To Do If Your Guests Trash Your Place

Nightmare Airbnb guests can leave your place in a mess. Here are some tips on what to do if this happens:

-Document the damage. Take pictures or videos of the mess so you have evidence for insurance or a dispute.

-Notify Airbnb support. They may be able to help resolve the situation or at least provide some guidance.

-Clean up the mess. This allows you to get your place back on the market and gain some money to help compensate you for your loss. You may even be able to tack on the cleaning costs to a claim you file with Airbnb.

-Contact your insurance company. If the damage is significant, you may need to file a claim with them in addition to filing one with Airbnb.

-Consider changing your Airbnb policies. If you’re regularly having problems with nightmare Airbnb guests, it may be time to reevaluate your screening process.

potential result of nightmare Airbnb guests

How To Deal With Airbnb Guests That Are Just Generally a Pain in the Butt

Airbnb guests may be challenging to deal with for many reasons—from being extraordinarily unhygienic and leaving the place a mess to being generally unpleasant, rude, and obnoxious. If you’re experiencing this kind of guest, there are a few things you can do to try to resolve the situation.

The first step is to talk to them. Let them know that their behavior is unacceptable and that they must change their ways if they want to stay. If they refuse to listen or continue to be disruptive, it may be necessary to ask them to leave. You can do this by sending them a message through Airbnb or by speaking to them directly.

However, this is easier said than none. Sometimes, a sense of humor is the best policy. We’ve had some unreasonable and just plain goofy guests. We’ve had guests get upset because we didn’t bring them donuts in the morning. Others were upset that the duplex they rented—which was clearly advertised as a duplex—was a duplex. We’ve even had a guest lock herself in the backyard—which is, apparently, possible—and then blame us for it. 

Overall, it’s essential to stay calm and professional when dealing with demanding Airbnb guests. Try to laugh things off when you can. By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the situation without any major problems.


Nightmare guests can make your Airbnb experience seem like a living hell. What should you do if this happens to you? Simply put, if the guest is still in the property, try to get them to leave. If they refuse or become violent, call the police. If they have already left, take steps to ensure that they don’t return and also report them to Airbnb. Manage nightmare guests the best you can. It’s simply part of the business.  Still, don’t let nightmare guests ruin your Airbnb experience—follow the tips in this article, and everything will be just fine!

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